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The USB-A to USB-C cable boasts compatibility with an extensive array of devices. This universal compatibility ensures users can connect their devices seamlessly and the USB-A to USB-C cable supports high-speed data transfer rates, allowing users to transfer quickly and efficiently. Large files, photos, videos and other data.


Crafted to fulfill the needs of contemporary devices, this cable provides rapid data transfer speeds and quick charging, all while ensuring enduring performance with its robust construction.Whether you're syncing files or powering devices, our USB Type C to C cable delivers reliability and convenience every time.

USB A To Lightning

Seamlessly connect USB-A devices to phones & pads through the Lightning port. Our cables ensure perfect compatibility so you can sync, charge and transfer data. Experience rapid charging and lightning-speed data transfers with cutting-edge technology.

USB A Male To USB A Female

Easily extend the range of existing USB cables. Our USB-A male to USB female cable lets you connect devices from farther away, providing greater flexibility and convenience. Effortlessly connect USB devices such as keyboards, mice, printers, and more to your computer or laptop.

USB A Male To USB A Male

Connect two USB-A devices seamlessly, eliminating the requirement for extra adapters or hubs. Our cables enable direct data transfer, sharing and communication between compatible devices. Suited for diverse applications, our cables excel in linking external hard drives, printers, cameras, and other peripherals.

USB A To Micro USB

Seamlessly connect your USB-A devices to Micro USB compatible devices. Our cables guarantee compatibility with a broad spectrum of smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and beyond.
Experience fast charging and efficient data transfer with USB A To Micro USB.


Seamlessly connect your USB-A devices to Mini USB compatible devices. Our cables ensure compatibility with a variety of cameras, MP3 players, GPS devices and more. Enjoy swift & dependable data transfers with our cables. Whether you're transferring photos, music or videos, our cables provide the best performance for your needs.


Our versatile cable easily bridges the connection between USB-A devices and USB-B peripherals to multi-task with ease. Whether you're printing projects, backing up critical data to an external hard drive, or syncing your digital music library, our cables guarantee seamless compatibility across a variety of devices.

USB C To Lightning

Seamlessly connect USB-C devices to dedicated devices via the Lightning port, and our cables ensure perfect compatibility so you can sync, charge and transfer data with ease. Enjoy rapid charging and lightning-speed data transfers enabled by cutting-edge technology.


Cable Length


Best Use


Portability - Reduced clutter

Travel - Connecting nearby devices


Versatility - Suitable for various setups

Connecting peripherals to a compute


Extended reach - Better cable management

Devices moderately spaced apart


Extended reach- Greater convenience

Connecting devices farther apart


Tailored to specific needs  - Optimal cable management

Unique distances between devices  - Specialized setups


Overall single color

Monochromatic designs maintain a consistent look that is both beautiful and cohesive, simplifying manufacturing and reducing product complexity. You can easily identify and select the cable you need without being overwhelmed by the many color options.

Dual model

Available in vibrant colors to suit personal preferences, these accessories allow users to express their personality. Different color combinations differentiate connectors, reducing confusion when identifying the correct one for each device or purpose.

Custom made

USB cable colors allow for creative customization options, and we can help you produce cables with unique and eye-catching designs,offering personalized aesthetics to match individual preferences and devices, enhancing both style and functionality.


Standard version

Release date

Official code name

Maximum transfer rate

Voltage and current




480 Mbps


USB3.2 Gen1

USB3.1 Gen1




5 Gbps


USB3.2 Gen2x1

USB3.1 Gen2




10 Gbps


USB3.2 Gen2x2

USB3.1 Gen2



20 Gbps





40 Gbps




PVC is recognized for its durability, abrasion resistance, suitability for daily use, ensuring longevity & reliability. Its flexibility allows adaptation to various environments without damage. PVC USB cables provide some waterproofing for added protection. Environmentally, PVC is recyclable, promoting sustainability.

Braiding+Aluminum Alloy

The combination of braided wire and aluminum alloy ensures superior durability, able to withstand daily wear and tear without fraying or breaking. And helps minimize signal interference and maintain consistent data transfer speeds, ensuring reliable connections between devices.s with multiple devices.

Wheat straw+TPE

Unlike traditional plastics, wheat straw is eco-friendly. If processed properly, products made from wheat straw decompose naturally, reducing environmental impact and waste accumulation. TPE materials are durable and flexible and TPE is non-toxic and suitable for daily use, giving you and your family peace of mind.

Silica Gel

Silicone is renowned for its exceptional flexibility, durability, abrasion resistance, and extreme temperature resistance, making it baby-safe. Additionally, silicone is waterproof, safeguarding the internal components of the USB cable from moisture damage, which is particularly beneficial for users needing cables in damp environments.

Magnetic Cable

The magnetic USB cable adopts a magnetized connector, which can be easily inserted into place. Magnetic design eliminates the need for repeated insertion and removal, reducing wear on cables and device ports, thereby extending the service life of cables and connecting devices. Due to their magnetic connectors and flat or braided cable design, they are easy to store.

Biodegradable PVC

Our USB cables are made from biodegradable PVC material and are designed to reduce our environmental footprint. The biodegradable PVC used can be naturally degraded in the soil, and we have passed the interpark laboratory test, and the degradation rate is higher than the laboratory standard. Our USB cables still maintain their high standards of performance, providing reliable data transfer and efficient charging.


60W And 100W

High power output (100W)

Ideal for charging high-power devices such as laptops, gaming consoles.
Enables fast charging and efficient power delivery, minimizing charging times and maximizing productivity.
Supports power-hungry tasks like gaming, video editing, and multitasking without compromising on performance.

Medium-Power Output (60W)

Suitable for charging a variety of devices, including laptops, phones, and portable chargers.Offers fast charging for smaller devices, ensuring quick and efficient power delivery.
Provides flexibility for users who may not require the maximum power output of 100W but still need reliable charging for their devices.


USB cables with an output of 15W are typically designed to efficiently charge low-power devices.

Ideal for charging smartphones, smartwatches, Bluetooth headsets, and other small electronic devices that require lower power input.Provides stable, reliable power to your devices, ensuring safe and efficient charging.

Compatible with a variety of USB power sources such as wall chargers, car chargers, power banks, and USB ports on computers and laptops, providing versatile charging options.


Our USB-A to Lightning and USB-C to Lightning cables, with 18W output power, provide efficient, fast charging for your devices.

Whether you use USB-A or USB-C power, our cables connect seamlessly to your Lightning-compatible devices. This versatility ensures easy charging no matter where you are.

You can trust that our cables are MFi certified, ensuring compatibility, safety, and reliability with your devices.Cables you can trust meet strict performance and durability standards.


240W USB cables are high-power charging cables capable of delivering significantly more power than standard USB cables.

The cable enables faster device charging compared to standard USB cables, empowering users to swiftly power up their devices and resume usage without enduring prolonged wait times.

The 240W USB cable can charge a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other electronics, making it a versatile solution for users with multiple devices.



The design of round USB cables distributes pressure more evenly along the cable, which makes them less susceptible to bending, kinking, and fraying over time, ensuring a longer lifespan.It offers greater flexibility, facilitating easier navigation around obstacles or confined spaces.Round USB cables provide a reliable and user-friendly solution for everyday charging and data transfer needs.


Flat USB cables have a thin and flat shape, which can be easily hidden or routed along the surface without increasing volume, making them ideal for use in small spaces. Reasonable flexibility can be provided in daily use. They can be bent and bent to adapt to various settings and configurations without affecting performance. Flat USB cables are typically designed to be durable and long-lasting. They usually use high-quality materials and reinforcement.


Charging Devices

USB cables are commonly used to charge smartphones, tablets, laptops, portable chargers, Bluetooth headphones, smartwatches, and other electronic devices.

Data Transfer

USB cables enable fast data exchange between devices such as computers, smartphones, drives, cameras, printers, and scanners, allowing seamless transfer of files, photos, videos, music, documents.

Peripheral Connections

USB cables connect peripherals and accessories to computers and devices, including keyboards, mice, game controllers, webcams, microphones, speakers, monitors, and hubs.

Audio Connections

Some devices use USB cables for audio connections, such as USB microphones, USB headphones, USB DACs (Digital-to-Analog Converters), and USB sound cards.

Powering Devices

USB cables can be used to power various devices, including LED lights, fans, small appliances, and DIY electronics projects. USB power banks and USB wall chargers are also used to power devices on the go.

Automotive Applications

USB cables are used in cars for charging smartphones, connecting audio devices to car stereos, and interfacing with onboard computers for diagnostics and software updates.


USB cables are used to connect gaming peripherals such as controllers, steering wheels, flight sticks, and gaming mice to gaming consoles, PCs, and gaming laptops.

Industrial & Commercial

USB cables are used in industrial automation, robotics, medical devices, point-of-sale systems, barcode scanners, and other commercial applications for data transfer, device communication, and power delivery.
  • 1.How do i know which USB cable i need?
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    Check the specifications of your device to see what type of USB port it has, and make sure the cable you choose has the appropriate connector for your device. Then determine the power requirements of the device.

  • 2.What USB cable is?
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    A USB cable, an abbreviation for Universal Serial Bus cable, serves as a common connector for linking electronic devices to a computer or to one another, facilitating communication, data transfer, and power provision.USB cables come in various shapes and sizes, with different connectors on each end to accommodate different devices and usage scenarios.

  • 3.What are the common types of USB cables?
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    USB-A to USB-B, USB-A to USB-C, USB-C to USB-C, USB-A to Micro USB, USB-C to Lightning, etc.

  • 4.Do longer USB cables affect charging speed or data transfer rates?
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    Yes, longer USB cables will affect charging speed and data transfer rates. To mitigate these effects, it is essential to use high-quality USB cables with adequate shielding and thick conductors. Choosing a cable that meets the USB standards required by your device can help ensure optimal performance for charging and data transfer.

  • 5.Are there any safety considerations I should be aware of when using USB cables, such as overcharging or overheating?
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    Indeed, safety considerations are paramount when utilizing USB cables. Employing certified USB cables and chargers that adhere to safety standards can significantly mitigate potential hazards. Furthermore, adhering to the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations for the safe charging and utilization of electronic devices is imperative.

  • 6.Can I use a USB cable to transfer files between my smartphone and my computer?
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    Absolutely, a USB cable enables file transfer between your smartphone and computer.But the exact steps depend on your smartphone operating system and the settings on your computer. Make sure your smartphone is unlocked and set up to allow file transfers when connected via USB.

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