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Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-08-14      Origin: Site

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DAWN own cable R&D laboratory sets up in 2022 ,aiming to do the quality control and product development in a better way.The R&D lab covers an area of 100 square meters,costing more than 50,000usd.Three R&D engineer and two lab testing staff in the lab everyday to improve the cable performance and do product development.

There are dozens of cable testing equipments in the laboratory,such as Electric wire bending testing equipment,Electric tension testing equipment,Network cable analysis testing equipment Fluke DSX-8000,Cable Frequency TDR Analysis E5071C ENA Vector Network Analyzer, and the total phase cable analysis specially for the HDMI 2.1 cable and the latest USB C cable.

TDR Analysis

LC-310 Liquid Chromatograph equipment

Dawn quality department set up the cable testing quality standard not just based on the industry experience,national standard,customer request but also thousands of the lab data.For example,DAWN’s cable can bear about 200N tension through the tension test by the Electric tension testing equipment.At the same time,DAWN lab testing staff will perform the cable bending test through the Electric wire bending testing equipment weekly,DAWN’s cable like the USB cable and HDMI cable can pass over 10,000 times bending test without broken circuit,short circuit electrical issue and no visible damage,is on the leading position in the consumer cable area.

Electric wire bend testing equipment


Being a social reliable cable enterprise,Dawn cares about the consumer health and the environment protection.Dawn also sets up a Rohs control center in the Lab,composed of  Rohs Gun(For metal element) and LC-310 Liquid Chromatography(For chemical element) for the cable raw material control and cable finished products control.DAWN used the LC-310 Liquid Chromatography to test the Rohs of raw material and Rohs Gun to test the solder joints monthly to guarantee the quality of our products.

All the R&D Lab accomplishment not just help Dawn to create the top cable product but also keep Dawn boost the core idea of being the link solutions worldwide.



Add: C2-Building Hutang Science&Tech Industrial park, Changzhou City,Jiangsu Province,China


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