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DAWN at “Global Sources Consumer Electronic 2023 Autumn”

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-10-26      Origin: Site

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Congratulate the Global Sources Exhibitions October 2023 in Hong Kong have a happy ending.At the first phase, from October 11th until October 14th,DAWN received many fondness and attentions from the customers all of the world.

At the Global Sources 2023 Autumn Exhibitions,DAWN brought latest products like USB 4.0 cable,HDMI2.1 cable,biodegradable cable,silicone cable,eco-friendly wheat straw cable.At present, more and more people are paying attention to the environmental protection issues.DAWN also pays attention to this issues,and spent a lot of time and effort on developing products which are good for our earth.The biodegradable cable and eco-friendly wheat straw cable brought by DAWN this time received many attentions,especially the biodegradable cable provides a solution for environmental protection.

Global Sources 2023 Autumn Exhibitions

Not the biodegradable cable received many attentions,but also our data blocker wins much fondness of customers from Japan,Korea and other places.DAWN’s data blocker can help provide customers’ data protection when they using charging in public places,help them avoid data and information leakage.

DAWN at “Global Sources Consumer Electronic 2023 Autumn

We DAWN will be more committed to develop the products comply with customers’ requirements in the future.Look forward to meet you at the next Global Sources Consumer Electronics in Spring 2024,and we also hope to provide you professional service on the website.



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