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Why Apple Finally Switched IPhone To USB-C Cable?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-01-31      Origin: Site

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Apple 15 was launched in September 2023 and confirmed previous rumors that Apple had changed the lighting connector to USB C port. At this point, Apple's main products, iPhone, iMac, and iPad have all finished uniform the connectors. So why did Apple give up its unique lighting connector?

According to Greg Joswiak, Apple's Senior Vice President of Marketing, the company finds itself compelled to adhere to the European Union's mandate. As of the conclusion of 2024, EU regulations stipulate that all phones, tablets, and cameras must employ USB-C for charging. Failure to adopt USB-C ports could expose Apple to the potential of a comprehensive sales ban. In addition, Apple is facing resistance and sanctions from multiple countries due to its political stance, leading to a serious decline in the Apple market. In order to win the favor of more consumers, Apple has to re-examine its advantages and strive to reverse the unfavorable situation. Maybe this is the main reason for Apple to changing the connectors

So what are the benefits of Apple unifying connector for consumers? Or perhaps this is important for us. First of all, i think there is no need for me to carry several different types charger with me at same time, Especially when traveling, if you forget to bring one of the charging cables, it will be very troublesome. And an Apple charging cable is relatively expensive compared to a USB C charging cable.

The USB-C port is a universal interface standard, and many devices on the market use the USB-C port. This transformation can enhance compatibility with other branded devices, such as Android, Samsung and so on.

The USB-C port supports higher power charging, which can achieve faster charging speed and save our charging time. And the peak power of the C-port of mobile phones has reached 240W in China. Although the peak charging power of the iPhone 15 still hasn't broken through much, it can still reach around 35w, which is much better than 5V 1A Before. So after using the C port, the charging speed will definitely continue to improve in the future.

From the perspective of data transmission. The data transfer speed of Apple's 15Pro and 15Pro Max has been improved to 10Gb/s, undoubtedly thanks to the decision of using the C port, which allows for downloading a movie in an instant.

The popularization of USB C interface is also a good thing for many manufacturers. Manufacturers don't need to research various USB cables, they just need to focus on the development and innovation of USB C cables. This may greatly promote the development of USB C cables.

The USB-C port provides a unified interface standard, allowing both master and slave devices to use the same type of ports. This allows devices to be directly connected using a dual headed USB cable, avoiding communication conflicts between traditional USB ports when connecting two master or two slave devices.

The USB-C port supports faster data transfer speeds, such as USB 3.1 and USB 3.2 have been widely used. USB 4.0 has also begun mass production. Even some industry leaders have developed USB C cables with a transmission speed of 80G. These breakthroughs were achieved under the premise of USB C gradually becoming mainstream. Now Apple has also unified the USB C port, and the data cable of USB C will definitely have a higher level of breakthrough. At that time, downloading a movie or just a few seconds is required.

In addition, the USB-C port comes with more built-in features and protocol support. It can not only transmit data, but also audio, video, power, and other signals. Therefore, the USB-C interface can be compatible with various devices and peripheral devices, from monitors to storage devices, from smartphones to laptops, and so on. So many new products have been developed, such as USB C to 3.5mm male cable, which can help you connect your phone to the stereo or your car. USB C to 3.5mm female adapter, if you don't have headphones with USB C ports, only 3.5mm headphones. A cost-effective adapter may be your best choice. USB C to USB C female+3.5mm female adapter, this can help you meet the needs of charging and listening to music simultaneously. Because Apple has already removed the headphone jack for a long time.

In summary, Apple using USB C port has great benefits for both consumers and manufacturers. We are more convenient, and manufacturers can better develop new products, which also bring us a better user experience.



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