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3 Different Types of DVI Connector How To Distinguish?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-01-31      Origin: Site

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What is the DVI digital connector?

DVI (Digital Visual Interface),which stands for Digital Visual Interface, serves as a standardized video interface. Its primary purpose is to transmit digital video signals in an uncompressed format.The DVI main function is to connect to a machine with digital display output function and display the RGB signal of the machine.

Even though the HDMI connector plays an important role in the field of the audio and video connector now,and has a trend towards unifying the audio video interfaces.But the DVI digital connector also has itself advantage and popular in this field.The DVI digital connector can be transmitted directly to the display device without any conversion,it reduces the progress of digital-analog-digital and saves time.At the same time,when using the DVI connector for data transmission,the signal is not attenuated, and the color is purer and more realistic.The DVI digital connector can improve the clarity and detail expression of the image and avoids the loss of signal.The picture is more delicate at high resolution and is not easily disturbed by signals.

The DVI digital connector can also include the traditional analog (VGA) pins except the digital signal pins specified in the DVI standard,for maintain the versatility of the DVI in different formats

can share the same cable. Depending on the functionality implemented,the DVI digital connector has 3 types and 5 specifications,it is often confusing when choosing the connector of the DVI cable.Today we will talk about the difference between these types and how to choose.

DVI connector meaning

How to distinguish the different types of the DVI connector?

The DVI digital connector has 3 types,they are DVI-A,DVI-D and DVI-I.

The DVI-Analog DVI-A connector is (12+5 pin),it can only transmit analog signal,the innate character is VGA analog transmission connector specification.So the DVI-A connector just can be connected with DVI-A connector or VGA connector.

The DVI-Digital,DVI-D connector is the pure digital connector,it has 18+1 (single link) pin and 24+1 (dual link) pin two different specifications.The DVI-D connector can only transmit digital signal,it cannot be compatible with analog signal.

The DVI Integrated,DVI-I connector can both be compatible with analog signal and digital signal,it has 18+5 pin (single link) and 24+5 pin (dual link) two specification.It has 4 more link than DVI-D connector is used for compatible with classic VGA analog signal.Based on this structure,the DVI-I connector can be both linked to DVI-I connector and DVI-D connector.When the DVI-I connector linked to VGA connector,it plays the role of DVI-A.And it just works as DVI-D when connected to DVI-D connector.However,the DVI-I compatible with analog connector does not mean the analog connector D-Sub connector can be linked to DVI-I connector directly,it must use the adapter first to be used.For the compatibility,graphics cards generally will use the DVI-I connector,which can be linked to the VGA connector through the adapter.

The DVI connector also have two modes:single link and dual link when transmitting digital signals.The transmission speed of single link is only half of dual link,165MHz/s,and the maximum resolution refresh rate can just up to 1920x1200 60Hz.But dual link can both support 2560x1600 60Hz and 1920x1080 120Hz.It must use dual link DVI connector cable in 3D solution,as the LCD monitor refresh rate must up to 120Hz in order to achieve 3D effect.

DVI connector comparison

How to distinguish the different specification of the DVI connector?

As mentioned before,we know 5 specification of DVI digital connector have different compatibility.DVI-A connector 12+5 pin can be only used in analog signal,DVI-D connector 18+1 pin (single link) or 24+1 pin (dual link) can be only used in digital signal,and the DVI-I connector 18+5 pin (single link) or 24+5 pin (dual link) can be both used in analog signal and digital signal.

So,how can we distinguish them easily?

Very easy,we can distinguish them directly from the appearance.

difference between dvi connector

Which type of DVI connector is most worthy of us to choose?

In compatibility,the DVI-A connector and the DVI-D connector all have limitation in transmission,but the DVI-I connector has the excellent compatibility to both be used in analog signal and digital signal.The DVI-I connector can be used in our most equipment with DVI digital connector such as laptop,computer monitor,monitoring equipment and TV.When linked to the digital connector,DVI-I connector can be used directly,and it need to use the adapter when linked to the analog connector like VGA connector.As the DVI-A connector is not used any more,now just have DVI-D connector and DVI-I connector two choices.If you need your DVI cable can be converted to VGA connector,it just has DVI-I connector can choose.If you just digital signal display equipment need to be linked,you can choose both DVI-D connector and DVI-I connector,and the DVI-D 24+1 pin (dual link) and DVI-I connector 24+5 pin (dual link) can support high required resolution up to 2560x1600 60Hz or 1920x1080 120Hz.All in all,the choice is based on your detail requirements.

Here is the DVI digital connector using picture for reference.

DVI using



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